Free Trade Agreement: Colombian, please don’t keep calm and carry on.

Tomorrow we will witness an important event in Colombian history that will perhaps be our definite decline, depending on how it goes. Tomorrow the Free Trade Agrement with The U.S takes validity and I can barely imagine the north american coming to us like monsters or mosquitos… Thirsty mosquitos.

This Agreement has been very good planified by Obama and all his gang of blood suckers, making as if they didn’t want it, using inverse psicology and Colombia’s always been there begging for the trade, begging to be sucked. What kind of democracy is this? Colombia’s population is not happy.

Colombian population doesn’t want to be a puppet of The U.S, but Colombian population haven’t been heard. So they don’t give a damn, they just sign the agreement and they don’t care about how many poopr people are there waking up every single day at dawn trying to do something to bring foood to their homes while there are corrupt politicians with 5 country houses signing agreements with The U.S, an agreement that will be the decline of us all when the northamericans set the rules and Colombians just agreed, when north american, who have high technology, advanced market, many companies on the top positions of multiple wolrdwide ratings and many other things not to mention that they are the most powered country. This is capitalism, sirs! this is a monopoly using its strategy, always growing up, taking advantage of weak states and the consequences will be seen soon.

I have to admit I’m scared and so many people are scared with me, starting for the single fact that maybe in three days the food that I find on the nearest market will be brought from America, cheaper, unhealthier and will not taste the same. And everyon’es going to buy it because it’s cheaper, and our farmers will go to bankrupty and that, not to state how the other colombian will be damaged. Every single one of us will be affected.

Maybe we’ll have to wait and see if the promises of our rulers take some place at this context, so far I believe, even though I don’t want to, but I believe that it will be our breakdown. And it won’t stop until the population raises together willing to be heard. I’m afraid of what’s coming.